New Year, Same Me?

Happy New Year to you and yours, void. The end of the year always feels so exhausting, like the end of a shift at a dead end job and you’re ready to just clock out and go home and move on to something better. Or something like that. Do holidays make any of you maudlin? I don’t know what it is about that space between Christmas and New Year that makes it seem so unreal, but that’s where I am right now.

I am lucky enough to be already working as an educator while in school which means for two weeks I don’t have a single thing to do. It was amazing for like, three days. Now I need Structure. I need something to do, something to focus on. On that same note however, I refuse to do any lesson planning. My brain needs a break.

When I started this blog earlier last year (or late the year before who knows), wild transition I know, I just wanted a place to write about books. I had fell off the reading train and wanted to get back on, and this seemed like a good place to track myself and a place to word vomit about all the books that I liked. And execution aside, I still like that idea. I just got busy. I started working three jobs, and then I went back to school on top of it all, and my reading slowed down tremendously. In Janaury of this year, I read around 25 books. In this month of December, I’ve read seven. I just do not have the time. One of my goals on the new year is to make the time. My reading goal this year is 45 books again. My blogging goal is to write a review for all the ones I rate 4 stars and up.

This New Year around I don’t plan on making any resolutions, per say. I had a really good 2017. I did everything I set out to do. I want to keep that same energy and growth for 2018.

So! I hope you stick around. This year is going to be good. My first review of the year is going to be “We’re Gonna Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union. I had been wanting it and I got it for Christmas and so far so good! It’ll be up within the week. I want to put out at least one post every week, about whatever. I hope you guys can help keep me honest.

How were your holidays? Did you do anything fun for the new year? Wishing you all a great new year, void.


How I lost 19 pounds in one month: the good, the bad, the ugly 

Hello void friends, just want to at least write one post about my weight lost journey so far in January 2017. 

The good: I lost 19 pounds! I’m the smallest I’ve been in a year, I’m eating right, I’m active, I’m getting eight hours of sleep every single night, I’m generally feeling really good. 

This weight loss journey is about more than weight for me. It’s about finding new energy for life. This is especially difficult for me because I am recovering from an eating disorder. I want to weig less, yes, but I also want to enjoy things more. I want to feel more rested and be able to enjoy spending time with my friends. 

So, because I’m goal oriented, some goals: 

  1. Lose some weight 
  2. Eat better 
  3. Make time for friends 
  4. Make time for myself 
  5. Become more organize 
  6. But don’t become inflexible 
  7. Find some new hobbies 
  8. Learn new things 
  9. Read more 
  10. Drink 90oz of water a day

In January, I did all of those things. Which, exciting! But it doesn’t stop there. I endeavor to do all of those things every month. Now it’s time for the reverse. 

Here’s the bad: 

The meal plan I’m following had me eating a lot less than I was originally used to which means that for about a week and a half, I was hungry. All of the time. 

Because I’m in recovery from an ED, I still struggle not to make positive connotations with being hungry and eating less. I had to constantly remind myself that it was about eating healthy not eating less. I was also lucky enough to see results pretty quickly as well, which was a bit of nice in the rough. 

And the ugly: 

Unless you’re recovering from an addiction or an ED itself, I cannot explain to you what it is like to recover from an eating disorder. I have been in recovery for 6 months. It is a fight every single day. To eat, to not overeat, to not emotionally eat, to not weaponize eating, or my body, to be able to look at myself in the mirror, to listen to my body, to not punish and use exercise as a punishment, and to deal with the space that I take up at any given time. 

Losing weight is the easy part. Honestly. 

Anyways, that’s it for now. Quick goals for February: 

  • Lose 10lbs 
  • Write book reviews for all the books I read 
  • 4 more 5ks 
  • Eat more veggies 

Thanks void! – Danielle