Joint Book Review: Graphic Novels 

Currently watching Penn State play Michigan State, while cooking dinner. Happy Friday, void. It’s been a rough week but I’ve read some really great books. Circle of life, right? The ones in this post are graphic novels! I’ve been reading a lot of them lately since I read Giant Days. The four in this post are: 

  • Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash 
  • How to be Happy by Eleanor Davis 
  • Exits by Daryl Seitchik 
  • Lucille by Ludociv Debeurme 

Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash 

Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash is a graphic memoir, which off the bat is the coolest concept ever. It follows the story of Maggie at an extremely Christian all-girls camp, her first love, who was another camper, and her first heartbreak. 

I loved this book. It’s very honest. There are times where I laughed out loud and there are times where I found my heart clenching. I found it very relatable. Overall, I really really enjoyed it. 4/5 stars. 

How to be Happy by Eleanor Davis 

How to be Happy was weird. It’s a collection of comics centered around the theme ‘how to be happy’. I found some really deep and interesting. I found other head tilting-ly weird. All of them were beautiful. Overall, completely moving. 

The first comic, Adam and Eve, is probably one of my favorite throughout the whole book. There are a few that I wished were longer, even by just a few panels. This book gets a 4/5 stars from me. What a pleasant 45 minutes to be honest. 

Exits by Daryl Seitchik 

Exits is like that fever dream you have that you can’t wake you from or make sense of but isn’t quite as terrifying as a nightmare. In fact, you might even venture to call it pleasant. In that sense, I found it to be a very interesting and refreshing story. Kinda weird, though. That might be the theme of the post at this point. 3/5 stars! 

Lucille by Ludociv Debeurme 

Lucille was a story that I didn’t know anything about before going in, so everything about its plot and characters were new to be me. I found this book to be odd but charming in being so. Vlad was my favorite character, I was really pulling for him at all points of the narrative. I could really relate to Lucille, even at her most frustrating. I wonder what’s next for them. I know there’s a part two, but there’s not yet an English version. 3/5 stars for me. 

And just like that, there’s another four reviews I can add to the mental tally I am totally not keeping. I am currently reading… nothing, wow, I know, but I have some pretty cool books lined up! What’s your favorite read of the week? 


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