Book Review: Missing You, Metropolis by Gary Jackson

Next up is Missing You, Metropolis which is a collection of poems which, if you couldn’t tell by the title, strongly center around comics, superheroes, and the lives of the people who love them.

I absolutely adored this collection. I almost want to drop the mic and leave it there, making you all go out and read it for yourself, but I’ll talk more.

This collection tells several stories. It tells the story of a young man who loves comics and grows up in Kansas and his friends. It tells the stories of superheroes. It tells the stories of the people who loves these superheroes. It even tells the stories of the ones we like to call the villains. They are not all nice stories. But here is the truth: they are all honest stories. And they are worth listening to. Read this book. Five out of five stars.

I want to real quick post an excerpt from a poem that really struck me “The Dilemma of Lois Lane.”


when we’re alone at home,

fixing dinner, you’ll pretend

to wince when you cut yourself,

and I find myself hoping

that the tiniest drop of blood

will bloom on your finger.”

Read this book.


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