Red Doc>

I am currently reading Red Doc> by Anne Carson. It is a sequel novel in verse to The Autobiography of Red. Like all Anne Carson’s novels, it kind of feels like you’re being let in on a lot of inside jokes and are still just confused. I’m on page 63 of 117….ish. I can’t remember exactly. 

There are parts that are beautifully written and there are parts that are confusing just for confusion’s sake. I want to like this book, I really do. It’s just making it hard. I absolutely loved TAoR because I love poetry, mythology, and strange romantic entanglements. I had hope this would be a continuation of that. 

Geryon’s sense of wonder and sense of self seem to be lost. Where is his love of art, of discovery? I can’t get much of a read on his character at all. Which is weird, because he is the main character. 

Herakles is a completely different character. I don’t know much about him in this book. 


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